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Looking Ahead

Spring SEED Registration Still Open for Elementary!


Spring break seed camp is a special offering run during Charlottesville and Albemarle County’s spring break each year. Children spend their time sowing seeds in the garden, harvesting greenhouse and early-producing crops, and exploring Mountaintop’s beautiful campus as it buds and blossoms for another growing year. Spring is a great time to be here working in the garden & greenhouse and we love to share this peak time for planting with friends from all over the area at seed.

There are still a few spaces remaining in Spring Break SEED Camp, which runs from April 6-10, for elementary-aged children (grades 1 through 5). To register or find out more, click here!

From the Blog

Walk-Throughs: the New Occupants

Last Friday, a handful of Upper El students got their first look inside the new building!


The team went over with the floor plan and mapped where they were throughout the building, walking through the downstairs part of the building which is available for hard-hat tours. The students enjoyed seeing the equipment that the building crew was using in the construction.

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It’s amazing what the children are noticing about how much our new building is coming together. One Children’s House-aged child, during carline, remarked to his mother, “Look! The roof is on!” His mother wanted to know how someone so low to the ground could see the top of the building all the way from carline, not realizing that the child was actually noticing that the sun wasn’t shining on the inside of the building any more.

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