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Upcoming Events for Parents & Educators

Math Night!

Tuesday, November 11, 6:00-8:00 PM

math material

Experience the Montessori approach to Math. Our guides will present materials demonstrating how the curriculum flows from a deep understanding of the children’s development. Enjoy the opportunity to use specific Montessori Math materials. Discover concepts your children are learning. Experience what lies ahead. Explore a range of work for a broad view of how the children build understanding.

Math Night is consistently the most popular event in our Evening Montessori Series for Adults. The guides will present materials from the Montessori math curriculum at each age level we serve. You’ll be able to browse a selection of math materials and try some for yourself with help from the guides.

Please share this event with friends who may be considering Montessori for preschool or who have children in a Children’s House classroom and would like to see the elementary materials.
As always, we provide care and feeding of your Mountaintop students while you attend parent education events. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to register for childcare.

Professional Development Hours:  If you are an early childhood educator or caregiver and would like us to provide documentation of your attendance at this event, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

From the Blog



This week, our intrepid construction crew has been installing a silt fence for erosion control, as well as other erosion control devices. They have also installed a construction entrance for the trucks and equipment to access their work site. Crews are also working to divert existing water and sewer lines beneath the construction area.

The entrance and exit from the construction site is located at the bottom of the upper carline loop, by the main building. We ask for all parents, caregivers, and visitors to our campus to be vigilant and alert when exiting the upper driveway because of these construction vehicles, which may not have a clear view of cars pulling through the driveway.


The students on campus are particularly aware of one safety feature added to our campus this week: safety fences outside the current construction barrier. Workers erected these around the pecan tree by the main carline loop, in front of UE1’s outdoor environment, and around the climbing tree to the left of the main building. These fences make it clear to our construction team that these areas are to be kept safe during the construction process, since the construction site will eventually expand to eclipse the entire upper parking lot.

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Construction Begins!

construction update

Barrier fencing was installed this week!

The front section of our school, which used to be home to the Cathcart Peace Garden and the front slope leading down to 250, has been blocked off, a sign of the impending arrival of construction vehicles. Our Lower Elementary 1 students, whose classroom is closest to the construction site, watched eagerly from their windows and took notes on their observations. Lots of students, seeing the fence, have been speculating about when the construction vehicles will arrive and when they will get to take their hard-hatted tour of the proceedings!

We love the construction sign, posted so it can be viewed from the main parking lot, that reads, “You are entering an injury-free construction zone.” We appreciate the reminder that our construction team is committed to the safety of all those who are involved in the construction of our new building, including the students.

We are excited to keep you posted on our progress in the coming months!

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