Board of Trustees

2016-17 Board of Trustees

Sean Carr, chair (joined 1/11)
Jessica Zarnegar, vice chair (joined 5/13) - Co-chair, Development Committee
Colin Dougherty, treasurer (joined 5/15) - Chair, Finance Committee
Leigh Ann Carver, secretary (joined 12/15) - Chair, Head Support and Evaluation
Helen Alston (joined 3/16)
Ashley Barlow (joined 6/16)
Quinn Curtis (joined 5/16)
Amy Gardner (joined 5/15) - Chair, Committee on Trustees
Lila Heymann (joined 5/15)
Whitney Kestner (joined 5/16)
Jarrod Markley (joined 5/17)
Grier Murphy (joined 5/16)
Marisa Taylor (joined 5/16) - Co-chair, Development Committee
Sherri Tracinski (joined 5/17) - Chair, Building and Grounds Committee
Patricia Colby, (ex officio)
Becky Harris (ex-officio)
Trisha Willingham (ex-officio)

Fall 2016 Board Update

Mountaintop Montessori derives its special character from its unique community. Students, families, guides, administrators, and staff contribute each day to the health and sustainability of the school’s vibrant, child-centered environment. This level of commitment is truly inspiring and, speaking on behalf of Mountaintop’s Board of Trustees, it is a privilege and honor for us to serve this school. Mountaintop is governed by an uncompensated board of trustees, responsible for ensuring its long-term stability, in concert with the Head of School. Given this primary objective, we operate as a strategic board, addressing issues that have both near-term and long-term implications for the school. We seek to help Mountaintop anticipate challenges and opportunities, striving to offer a school to the next generation that is even better tomorrow than it is today. Thanks to the dedicated leadership of Wendy Fisher, Mountaintop rises from strength to strength. Many years of work have established a solid foundation of authentic Montessori pedagogy, robust academic and co-curricular programs, new and improved physical infrastructure, and a highly capable management team. We are proud of this school, and we are especially pleased to provide a strong platform from which Mountaintop’s next Head of School can build. Thank you for your continued support and your unwavering belief in Mountaintop’s future. Sean D. Carr 2015-2016 Board Chair